Hostelling needs your help

Help our hostelling community

Hostelling Scotland has joined forces with YHA, Scottish Independent Hostels and the Independent Hostels Guide in a collective plea for government support for the hostelling sector.

Joining voices with our colleagues across the UK’s hostelling community, we’re looking for MPs from around the country to add their signature to a tabled motion in Parliament asking the government to help the Hostelling sector survive a difficult year and winter ahead amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liz Saville-Roberts MP and Group Leader of Plaid Cymru in the House of Commons has tabled a motion in Parliament which any MP can add their signature of support to. 

The motion asks the Government to underpin health measures with economic support and urgently put financial packages in place to ensure the survival of the hostelling sector. Hundreds of hostels and bunkhouses throughout the UK have been forced to close during the pandemic having a catastrophic effect on income and jobs in the sector across the UK. 

We operate 31 youth hostels and represent 27 affiliate hostels across Scotland, and as we prepare to celebrate our 90th anniversary, we have suffered a £7.2 million (87%) drop in income since March, making it the most challenging and hardest hit year in the history of this much loved organisation.

Despite hopes of a vaccine by the end of the year, many hostels and bunkhouses will struggle through the closed season and may be unable to recover financially. Hostels and bunkhouses now need support from the Government to get them though the winter and continue to offer a warm welcome to individuals, families and school and youth groups looking to explore our wonderful country.

We believe that hostelling ethos is as relevant today as it was when we were founded nearly 90 years ago and will play a key role as we come out of the current crisis, helping people reconnect with each other, the outdoors, nature, culture and heritage.

To date the Early Days Motion 1100 Support for Hostels, which was tabled on 4 November, has received support from 11 MPs, including:

  • Liz Saville-Roberts – Plaid Cymru
  • Hywel Williams – Plaid Cymru
  • Patrick Grady – Scottish National Party
  • Ben Lake – Plaid Cymru
  • John McDonnell – Labour
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Labour
  • Diane Abbott – Labour
  • Tim Farron – Liberal Democrat
  • Jamie Stone – Liberal Democrat
  • Jonathan Edwards – Independent
  • Marion Fellows – Scottish National Party

    To support the survival of youth hostels and bunk houses in a post-Covid world, please email your local MP and ask them to support the Early Days Motion 1100 Support for Hostels.