A Day in the Life Of...

When Stewart Henderson was 19 he started volunteering at Cairngorm Youth Hostel for two months during the summer. He now works at Stirling Youth Hostel. 

“I knew about hostelling as my Dad previously worked for Hostelling Scotland as a guide on the West Highland Way. I also went hostelling with my family when I was growing up. My summer at Cairngorm Youth Hostel was my first experience of working. I helped out in the kitchen by cleaning, making desserts, and I worked on reception. It massively built my confidence. It was a portion of life that I’d never seen. I learnt to prioritise and work on my own initiative.”

After a summer at Cairngorm Youth Hostel, Stewart went back to study at Stirling University. The following summer he saw a job advert for a Seasonal Worker at Stirling Youth Hostel. He went for an interview and was offered the job! After the summer he went back to University and was able to work at the hostel one day a week, which fitted in perfectly with his University commitments. After leaving University, Stewart applied for a 20-hour contract job at Stirling Youth Hostel – he generally works between 20 and 30 hours a week.

“I like the variety of the job. Most of my shifts are 6 hours long. I like working on reception because I get to talk to people, I set up for breakfast, do some cooking and cleaning. It’s a very sociable job as you meet guests and co-workers from different countries. I can have banter with people – no one ever complains if you talk to them!”

Stewart lived in California, Canada and Nigeria when he was growing up so he is used to meeting new people and, as a result, he has great customer service skills.

“I like to make the most of where I am. I like variety and this job is brilliant as no day is ever the same."

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