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Corrour Adventure: A run around Loch Ossian

Journalist and blogger Fiona Russell explains why running around Loch Ossian is a must!

"Corrour is a popular destination for walkers intent on bagging three of the 282 Munros (Scottish mountains with a summit for more than 3000ft) and surprisingly, given its remote location, it is home to a station restaurant (open March to October), a range of self-catering lodges and cottages and the Hostelling Scotland Loch Ossian Youth Hostel.

Recently, I discovered information about a Run Around Loch Ossian Challenge. The story goes that former hostel warden Tom Rigg started the challenge with his sub-hour run of the seven-mile Loch Ossian circuit. He did this in 1977 and started a log book of people who ran it under the hour.

The terrain is well-maintained – muddy in places – Landrover tracks. The route is flat to undulating. The north-westerly side seemed hillier but we had already run from the hostel at the south-easterly point, around half the loch by the time we reached this stretch so maybe we were tired. Most profiles of this route make it seem completely flat but it definitely isn’t."

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